Event Scheduling & Booking


The event booking, planning application is designed for event management companies which require streamlined operations and overall efficiency.

Search and Book Events‚Äč

Search, filter and sort events based on locations, organisers and type of event. Keep your event private, or automatically list your public events on your customer facing site. Customise your individual event ticket shop with various categories.


The solution provides walk-in and online registration options. A dynamic, intuitive, flexible online registration process on the web or mobile interface let the users enter their own information to register for an event. Save time by allowing users to handle their registrations, updating and cancelling their registrations themselves. This ensures no double booking and misleading guest information in the system.


Seamless integration with Paypal and Authorize.net payment gateways has made payments faster that provides easy payments experience. Pay using credit/debit cards automates tedious processes and saves time.

Self-Check Ins

Give your guests control at the check-in kiosk, the solution lets your guests search for the registration ID and self-check-in. Provide the ability to print badges at the kiosk. View the total attendees and allows guests to create walk-in registrations.

Scan Badges

Customise the badges as per your branding and guest information on it. The solution provides barcode functionality that enables you to print badges with a barcode on them. Use the choice your scanner to instantly scan the badges.

Event Configuration

Plan and configure single day events or multiday events. Configure registrations to be free or paid with complex pricing rules. Configure discounts and taxes easily with various rules. Configure sponsors, speakers and agendas and give more insight to the event and manage time.


Configure and manage one or more venues and associate it to the event. Define maximum number of bookings for each zone and monitor available seats.


Send email invitations to Accounts, Contacts, Leads and mange guests list. Upload guests list in the system to send invitations via email. The format of the guest list allows you to specify guest details in the custom fields such as name and email address.