QR Check-in / Check-out Download from Booking Kare is an application to process Check-in/Check-out the clients into an event/appointment or checking them out of the event/appointment. GET IT NOW
Booking Kare offers a faster and safer check-in/check-out for your attendees at events of any size

First impressions are critical for your attendees and guests. Booking Kare has an option for a contactless check-in to further minimize staffing as well as crowding.

Speed up the check-in process

Check-in attendees with a QR Scanner or have attendees self check-in through the booking form

Scan for entry

Check-in can scan RFIDs, QR codes and badges to quickly and easily get your attendees into your event

Easily accommodate walk-ins

For attendees by simply adding them as part of the check-in process
Simplify your event check-in experience
Checking in guests to your event is an important way to make a great first impression and collect valuable data. Ditch the paper lists and automate your check-in process through Booking Kare Check-In.